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  • MLS Access
  • Duration
  • FSBO University
  • Internet Exposure
  • Professional Photos
  • Broker Services

No Hurry

Current Plan
  • Duration2 Months
  • FSBO UniversityN/A
  • Internet ExposureRealtor.com
  • Professional PhotosN/A
  • Broker ServicesNegotiation


Upgrade For Only $150
  • Duration6 Months
  • FSBO University30 Days
  • Internet ExposureFull
  • Professional Photos7 Photos
  • Broker ServicesNegotiation

Save 76! Here's what you'll get...


Free Tuition to FSBO.University

FSBO University is the only full on-line university that teaches you everything you need to sell your home without a Realtor.  Upgrade today and get Instant Access for the life of your listing.

Full Internet Exposure

Upgrade your Internet Exposure and add tens of thousands of real estate websites to your marketing efforts.  It's nearly impossible to miss a buyer.


Professional Photography

The importance of professional photography can't be overstated.  Never miss a buyer because your competition's house showed better.

More Reasons to Upgrade

With over 45 lessons and topics, 20 instructional videos, 8 quizzes and just under 50 years of accumulated experience, you’ll learn:

  • How to determine the best price and be the next one to sell
  • How to professionally prepare your home for sale
  • How to negotiate with your buyer
  • The secrets of real estate marketing and advertising (it’s the best thing next to the MLS)
  • How to qualify your buyer
  • Open House tips and tricks

Don’t get lock out of FSBO.University before you learn the necessary skills to sell without a full-service Realtor. Get full access for the life of your listing.

The first thing a buyer looks at when reviewing properties are the photos. Do the pictures you’ve taken with your phone create excitement or are they too dark or too bright, portraying awkward angles and rooms that look cluttered, forcing your buyers to move on to the next house?

With professional pictures, your property will attract the attention of every buyer who sees them.  We can immediately schedule your photoshoot with our professional photographers from Moving Forward Photography and have your photos back within 48 hours.  As soon as we receive your listing, we’ll get your shoot scheduled on the calendar.

Don’t lose your buyer because of pictures.  Upgrade now.

Realtor.com is one of the most active websites in real estate home searches.  However, there are plenty of other popular sites, including Zillow.com, the world’s most-utilized real estate website.

Through the relationships and syndication agreements across the world, your listing will automatically be shared with thousands of real estate websites and available on most Realtors’ personal websites.

The chances of a buyer not finding your property online are almost zero when your property is provided this much exposure!


Recent Photography


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