Why upgrade to the Urgent Package?

Get maximum exposure and sell sooner!


  • MLS Access
  • Duration
  • FSBO University
  • Internet Exposure
  • Professional Photos
  • Broker Services


Current Plan
  • Duration6 Months
  • FSBO University30 Days
  • Internet ExposureFull
  • Professional Photos7 Photos
  • Broker ServicesNegotiation


Upgrade for $175
  • DurationUntil Sold
  • FSBO UniversityUnlimited
  • Internet ExposureFull
  • Professional Photos25 Photos
  • Broker ServicesHome Audit

Here's what you'll get...


Unlimited Access Until Sold

FSBO University is the only full on-line university that teaches you everything you need to sell your home without a Realtor.  Upgrade today and get Instant Access for the life of your listing.

List Until Sold

Avoid a re-listing fee.  By listing until your home is sold you can re-list as many times as you'd like - at no extra charge!


Professional Photography

(Up to 25 stunning photos)

Less than 20% of professional Realtors provide professional pictures to their clients.  Beat the competition.  Schedule your full photo shoot today!

Free Online Home Value Audit

It's no longer location, location, location.  Now it's price, price, price.  We'll discuss value, inventory, positioning, how to prepare your home and so much more...and we'll do it live!


More Reasons to Upgrade

Receive full tuition for the life of your listing!  You can have good intentions, but sometimes things get overlooked or never get done – like taking the time to learn exactly what the professionals do to successfully sell homes.  Don’t get locked out of FSBO.University before you learn the necessary skills to sell without a full-service Realtor. Get complete access for the life of your listing. FSBO University is the only online university that teaches you everything you need to sell your home without a full-service Realtor.  With over 45 lessons & topics, 20 instructional videos, 8 quizzes and just under 50 years of accumulated experience, you will never need a full-service Realtor.

Receive a full professional photoshoot with up to 25 photos.  Like you, buyers crave pictures when reviewing properties, and you’re probably the same way.  Upgrade and receive more than triple the number of photos that Realtors pay hundreds of dollars for. As soon as we receive your listing, we’ll get your shoot scheduled on the calendar. Don’t lose your buyer because of pictures.  Upgrade now.

Add a Maximum Value Audit in addition to full negotiations services and consultations with a single click. You’ve probably heard of a CMA – Comparative Market Analysis – which helps establish a fair market value based on currently sold and active properties. 

Our Home Value Audit, in contrast, goes much deeper. Via Zoom, you will be taken inside the Realtors’ MLS to research the most current, up-to-date, real-time data only Realtors have access to.  We’ll cover everything you’ll need to know to price your house, including research into recently sold properties, currently actives, market time breakdowns, current inventory, trends and more. 

Be more prepared than your buyer. Dive deep into the database that only Realtors control.  Upgrade to a Home Value Audit today. 

Sometimes life gets in the way and things change.  When you upgrade from $325 to $500 you can list your home until it is sold. This means if you have to take your house off the market, for any reason, and relist at a future date, there is no extra cost. Upgrade today and list your house until it sells! (Rentals are not included.)

Recent Photography


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